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InterWeave Partner Programs

Our partners provide strategic solutions to their customers, resell or refer.

InterWeave’s partner program is comprised of best-in-class solution providers in four key programs, Value Added Reseller, Referral Advisory, Technology Vendor and Strategic Solution Provider who resell, refer, or provide strategic consulting to CRM, finance organizations and end-user customers. Partners are a key tenet of our success, offering expertise in the areas of CRM Applications, Financial Applications, eCommerce, ERP, Credit Card Processing Systems, Subscription-based Billing Systems, software-as-a-service and open source solutions.

Reseller partners, including CPA firms, value added resellers (VAR’s) and technology consulting firms, service, sales organizations, finance departments and deliver ERP, eCommerce, Billing, Telephony and other web-based solutions. InterWeave provides partner program marketing and sales support to ensure success reselling the InterWeave solutions and InterWeave Integration Platform. Reseller partners participate in a commission-based sales program. A formal training process exists to ensure that all reseller partners are qualified to deliver InterWeave seamlessly to clients.

Referral partners are trusted advisors to the sales, finance, IT or executive staff. Referral partners can quickly enhance revenue by referring their clients to InterWeave and providing additional strategic services. Referral partners include CRM and accounting consulting firms, outsourced MSP’s, Saabs consultants and other technology or solution professionals.

Technology Vendors deliver superior products, solutions and/or applications to their customers. Our blue chip providers of data centers, database, hosting and security enableInterWeave to deliver world-class hosted and on-premise solutions to our customers. Featured Technology Partners include Rackspace Managed Hosting, ITX.net, Salesforce.com, SugarCRM and many others.

Strategic solution providers deliver and sell InterWeave as part of a comprehensive offering for their clients. ISVs, systems integrators and solution providers are granted the resources required to package InterWeave’s functionality into their solution offering, which may be software and/or services based. This allows for a vertical focus or enhanced best-of-breed software suite capabilities. This program supports these efforts by including partner input on the product development roadmap, access to training, technical support and other benefits.